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Is a Colombian river located in the Serrania de la Macarena. The river is commonly known as the "River of Five Colors". The colors of the river are given by an endemic aquatic plant which requires precise conditions to take on its bright hues. Caño Cristales is the perfect representation of Colombia ́s Magical Realism.



Caño Cristales, the most beautiful river in the world

On a sunny day, the green, purple, red, yellow and blue colors of Caño Cristales will appear in your sight when you arrive at this paradisiacal site. This fusion makes it seem as if the rainbow had melted into the crystalline water of this river, considered without fear of misunderstandings as the most beautiful in the world.

This place, which will leave you perplexed, is the point where the Amazon, the Orinoquía and the Andes are located, besides being one of the most privileged of nature, with more than 1592 species of flora and 772 of fauna.

When to go to Caño Cristales?

It is recommended that you do it in the second semester of the year, which is when the river bed grows and the aquatic plants are at their maximum splendor. During the tour you will see waterfalls, natural pools, white stones, carpet of aquatic plants and a peace in the environment that causes you to stay there.

The Macarena
Meta, Colombia

Best Season
June to November

Colors of the River
Yellow blue,
green, red and black

How to get?

So you can get to Caño Cristales, it is advisable to depart from Villavicencio, capital of Meta, where flights depart for the municipality of Macarena, there you will stay.

The walk is done with an experienced guide who accompanies you during the tour. Initially you will receive a talk about what you should keep in mind so that you can enjoy this paradisiacal place to the fullest.

Later you can take a boat trip on the Guayabero river, from where you can see animals of the region such as birds, babillas, turtles ... Then you will make an ecological walk to Cristalitos, a beautiful place that serves as an anteroom for what you will see later.

Along the route, as the river meanders along the path of huge dark stones, vestiges of millions of years that emerged from the eruption of a volcano, you will find the Velloussea, which is the typical flower of the region of color white, similar to an orchid that reproduces on the rocks.





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