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Tayrona National Park, in northern Colombia, is a large protected area covering the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta as they meet the Caribbean coast. It’s known for its palm-shaded coves, coastal lagoons, rainforest and rich biodiversity.



Parque Nacional Tayrona


Why live this experience in Colombia?

To one side the waves lash the volcanic rocks that line the beach; Turning his head to the other side, the view seems to find a mirage, as it gives the impression that a piece of the Amazon jungle had risen in the middle of the Caribbean.

In the department of Magdalena, 34 km from the beautiful city of Santa Marta, Colombia is the Tayrona National Natural Park, a sanctuary of nature and archaeological remains that invite you to encounter yourself. Ecosystems such as mangroves, corals, algae grasslands, thorny thickets and magical dry, humid and cloudy forests proliferate and host a surprising variety of plant and animal species that are a testimony of life. White sand beaches that preserve a special natural environment.

In this park you can practice the sighting of flora and fauna, especially birds, in the process of extinction. In addition to its natural and archaeological attractions, the Tayrona National Park is a good place for ecotourism thanks to its exotic waves beaches that differ from one to another and even to its areas suitable for diving, the three best known are: Bahia Concha, a beautiful spa with cabins and restaurants; Neguanje and Cañaveral, with its camping area and delicious beaches in the middle of the exuberant nature. The stone paths that lead from the different beaches to the Chairama, now known as Pueblito, are also visited by tourists as one of its main attractions.

Tourists can stay in comfortable cabins, as well as in hammocks and tents.
Not counting the 40 species of bats, 59 species of mammals are reported in the park.

The trails of the park can be toured on horseback.

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