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Punta Gallinas is South America's most northerly point offering one of the continent's most astonishing landscapes. Bahía Hondita -its access point- is where burnt-orange cliffs surround an emerald bay with a virgin beach, beyond which a large colony of pink flamingos can be found.




Punta Gallinas


On each trip, whatever the country, we seek to find an "end of the world", that hidden little paradisiacal corner that man has not yet been able to touch, giving rise to that wild and timeless aspect. And there will be no exceptions in your tour of Colombia. If a place in the world deserves the nickname of "end of the world", this would undoubtedly be Punta Gallinas and its landscapes of dunes and rocky cliffs.

A corner of the world that is worth

To get to this part of the world, you have to be willing and persistent. At the beginning of the 2000s, Colombians could not access this place without difficulties. And even today, it is necessary to count on several hours of trip in boat of fishermen, or several hours by road in truck, to arrive at Punta Gallinas.

In this region of La Guajira surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, nature in its extreme state reaches us to the deepest. And while "the peak of the hens" is the highlight, a trip through the rest of the region will leave amazed the most experienced travelers.

We especially recommend going to the Wayuu people, great weavers craftsmen of hammocks and costumes whose history is composed of many legends.


A peninsula almost uninhabited

As for the activities, the traveler will be tempted to take a trip to the Faro de la Vela, which leads to this lonely lighthouse planted in the far north of Colombia. Go sailing from island to island to discover the area from the sea, is also a very popular adventure among adventurers who have dared to get here.

There are also totally wild beaches that invite you to relax ... and ornithology. Because this place is the paradise of birds of all types, especially pink flamingos.

Almost totally uninhabited, Punta Gallinas offers a few hostels to spend the night. Most of the time, the conditions of the accommodations are simple, but totally in harmony with the environment, which is worthwhile even if one has to leave comfort for a few nights. The stomach is very well cared for thanks to the fresh seafood that you can savor next to the sand ...

A corner of the intense world ...



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